Breastfeeding Privacy Cover Grey Stripes

Breastfeeding Privacy Cover Grey Stripes

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If breastfeeding which you may want to do discreetly in public, my Breastfeeding Privacy Cover is a great solution. The style is of a large rectangle piece of fabric that covers you, with a strap over the back of your neck holding it in place plus front a wire that creates a firm neckline that holds the fabric out so that you can see your baby and of course they can see you.

The shape and the slightly structured neckline allows for privacy, like an apron. Nursing can be done easily with my Breastfeeding Privacy Cover offering an easy view of your nursing baby, great ventilation and the cover stops any distractions for bub when feeding.

Once you have adjusted the Breastfeeding Privacy Cover is easy to quickly and discreetly put on when you need to feed your baby. Also another plus is that you will find you are able to wear most types of clothing when taking your baby out.

There are several styles to choose from that are very discreet also with burp cloths to match.

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